Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ground Floor Opportunities

I've been thinking lately about "Ground Floor Opportunities." I hear about these often, being that I am in the home business industry myself. I attend a women's networking meeting on a regular basis, visit online forums, and talk with others who have their own home business frequently. I often hear or read people referring to getting started with a "ground floor opportunity" in a positive light. In fact, one colleague's signature line in her email states: "Ask me TODAY about exciting new parties, new products and a GROUND FLOOR business opportunity!"

If you are someone who is searching for a home based business or just a way to earn some extra income, this idea of a "ground floor" business may appeal to you. "Ground floor" implies many things. Here are just a few that I can think of off the top of my head:
  • If you get in early, or at the start of the business, you will make more money than someone who joins later on.
  • If you get in early, you will have more of the potential market share.
  • If you get in early, you may have more direct contact with the company's corporate office.
While some people may look at these things as a positive thing, I actually feel that going with a newer company or one that is advertising a "ground floor" opportunity is not necessarily a good idea. I feel that a good company will have the same potential for income or for customers 10 years from now that it does right now. And you should have the same amount of potential support from the company whether you join earlier on or after the company is well-established.

Now I want to clarify - I am not saying that all "ground floor opportunities" are BAD. I am just saying that someone should not use this as their main reason for choosing a business. Unfortunately, I think some people jump on every new business that comes down the pike, hoping that the next one will be "the one." But all too often, those business that started as "ground floor" end up going under before you can blink. So I recommend considering companies that are well-established and have a solid track record of success, especially in this economic climate. This is not the best time to take a risk on a company that may or may not be here a year from now.

So if you are looking at your options and have been considering joining a "ground floor opportunity" or a business that is less than 5 years old, I strongly urge you to think twice and do your research!

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Anonymous said...

Great advice! I agree about the "ground floor" and many people feel that it's a new chance to start over, if you will. Some companies have been around for years, listed on the DSA, and they only have a few thousand or even hundred reps so that to me is still ground floor. More importantly, find what YOU want to do, because direct sales is way too hard to sell a product or service that you CANNOT get excited about it. It's straight commission so if you're not excited about the opportunity, it will be a daunting task.